9/19 OverSeas Special Selection 寺井尚之(p) トリオ with 宮本在浩(b)、岡部潤也(ds)

sstrio.jpeg ドラムに新メンバー、岡部潤也を擁した寺井尚之のNew Trioは大満足の仕上がりに!秋の夜長にぴったりの濃密なデトロイト・ハードバップが堪能できました。 

<1st Set>

  1. Bitty Ditty (Thad Jones)
  2. A Blue Time (Tadd Dameron)
  3. Elora (J. J. Johnson)
  4. I'll Keep Loving You (Bud Powell)
  5. Bouncing with Bud (Bud Powell) 

<2nd Set>

  1. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Franz Lehár)
  2. As Long As Live (Harold Arlen)
  3. So in Love (Cole Porter)
  4. I'm in the Mood for Love (Jimmy McHugh)
  5. Rachel's Rondo (Tommy Flanagan) 

<3rd Set>

  1. Upper Manhattan Medical Group (Billy Strayhorn)
  2. Smooth As the Wind (Tadd Dameron)
  3. Stablemates (Benny Golson)
  4. Maybe September (Percy Faith)
  5. Eclypso (Tommy Flanagan) 

Encore: Prelude to a Kiss (Billy Strayhorn)


トラックバックURL: http://jazzclub-overseas.com/cgi-bin/mt/torakkubakku.cgi/2307


=Specia Selection=
by 寺井尚之(p)+宮本在浩(b)




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