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1st Set

1. Beats Up (Tommy Flanagan)

2. Beyond the Blue Bird (Tommy Flanagan)

3. Mean What You Say (Thad Jones)

4. Dalarna (Tommy Flanagan)

5. Eclypso (Tommy Flanagan)


2nd Set

1. They Say It's Spring (Bob Haymes)

2. I Fall in Love Too Easily (Jule Styne)

3. The Scene Is Clean (Tadd Dameron)

4. Soul Train (Tadd Dameron)

5. Medley: Embraceable You (George Gershwin) - Quasimono (Charlie Parker)


3rd Set

1. That Tired Routine Called Love (Matt Dennis)

2. Smooth as the Wind (Tadd Dameron)

3. A Sleepin' Bee (Harold Arlen)

4. But Beautiful (Jimmy Van Heusen)

5. Our Delight (Tadd Dameron)


Encore: With Malice Towards None (Tom McIntoch)


1st Set

1. Bitty Ditty (Thad Jones)

2. Out of the Past (Benny Golson)

3. Star Eyes (Gene De Paul)

4. Sunset and the Mockingbird (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn)

5. Minor Mishap (Tommy Flanagan)


2nd Set

1. Be My Love (Nicholas Brodszky)

2. Love Your Spell Is Everywhere (Edmund Goulding, Elsie Janis)

3. Love You Madly (Duke Ellington)

4. You Are Too Beautiful (Richard Rodgers)

5. I Love You (Cole Porter)


3rd Set

1. Sleeves (Jimmy Heath)

2. Skating in Central Park (John Lewis)

3. Stablemates (Benny Golason)

4. Passion Flower (Billy Strayhorn)

5. Tin Tin Deo (Chano Pozo, Gill Fuller,Dizzy Gillespie)


Encore: Like Old Times (Thad Jones)


2/12(水)寺井尚之(p)+ 宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 2000


2/14 (金)荒崎英一郎(ts) トリオwith 寺井尚之(p)、今井健太(b): Live Charge 2000

2/15 (土) OverSeas Special Selection: 寺井尚之(p)+ 宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 2500 

*LIVE 演奏時間:19:00-/20:00- / 21:00- (入れ替えはありません)






1st Set

1. A New Thing (Slide Hampton)

2. I Had a Craziest Dream (Harry Warren)

3. Scratch (Thad Jones)

4. Lament (J. J. Johnson)

5. In Walked Bud (Thelonious Monk)


2nd Set

1. Don't Blame Me (Jimmy McHugh)

2. You Do Something to Me (Cole Porter)

3. So in Love (Cole Porter)

4. I'm Glad There Is You (Jimmy Dorsey)

5. Rifftide (Coleman Hawkins)


3rd Set

1. U.M.M.G. (Billy Strayhorn)

2. Trouble Is a Man (Alec Wilder)

3. Webb City (Bud Powell)

4. Day Dream (Billy Strayhorn)

5. A Night in Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie)


Encore: Body and Soul (Johnny Green)


1/20 (月)寺井尚之ジャズピアノ教室
1/21(火) 寺井尚之+今井健太(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500
1/22(水)寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 2000
1/23(木) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室
1/24(金) 岩田江(as) トリオ with 寺井尚之(p)+今井健太(b) Plays Charlie Parker Live Charge 2000
1/25(土) SPECIAL SELECTION by 寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 2500

1/26(日)寺井尚之ジャズピアノ教室発表会 正午ー 一般見学料2000

  演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)



1st Set

1. First Trip (Ron Carter)

2. Quietude (Thad Jones)

3. Pent Up House (Sonny Rollins)

4. Black Butterfly (Duke Ellington)

5. All Day Long (Billy Strayhorn)


2nd Set

1. Just in Time (Jule Styne)

2. Easy to Love (Cole Porter)

3. Con Alma (Dizzy Gillespie)

4. I Didn't Know About You (Duke Ellington)

5. Rachel's Rondo (Tommy Flanagan)


3rd Set

1. Django (John Lewis)

2. Slipped Again (Thad Jones)

3. Strictly Confidential (Bud Powell)

4. Serenade in Blue (Harry Warren)

5. Woodyn' You (Dizzy Gillespie)


Encore: In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)


1/14(火) 寺井尚之+倉橋幸久(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500
1/15(水)寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 2000
1/16(木) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室
1/17(金) 末宗俊郎(g) トリオ with 寺井尚之(p)+倉橋幸久(b)
1/18(土) SPECIAL SELECTION by 寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 2500

*演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)



  寺井尚之(p)と宮本在浩(b)デュオ - 20年来のコンビで、1月から毎月2回、季節と時節にぴったりの特別なプログラムで演奏していきます。

=Specia Selection=
by 寺井尚之(p)+宮本在浩(b)


2/15,29 (Sat)
寺井尚之(p)、宮本在浩 (b)
Special  Selection 2500
2/7(Fri)19 (Wed)


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