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  1. A New Thing (Slide Hmpton)
  2. Quetude (Thad Jones)
  3. Monk's Dream (Thelonious Monk)
  4. Reflections (Thelonious Monk)
  5. All God's Children (Bronislaw Kaper)


  1. What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter)
  2. Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton)
  3. Star Eyes (Gene DePaul)
  4. I Cover the Waterfront (Johnny Green)
  5. Cup Bearers (Tom McIntosh)



  1. The Scene Is Clean (Tadd Dameron)
  2. Smooth As the Wind (Tadd Dameron)
  3. Strictly Confidential (Bud Powell)
  4. Lotus Blossom (Billy Strayhorn)
  5. Raincheck (Billy Strayhorn)


Encore: I Want To Talk About You (Billy Eckstein)





6/26(火) 寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500

6/27(水)寺井尚之+倉橋幸久(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500


6/29(金) 寺井尚之+今井健太(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500

6/30 (土) 寺井尚之(p)trio "The Mainstem(宮本在浩-bass,菅一平-drums)" : Live Charge 2500


*LIVE 演奏時間:7pm-/8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)



寺井尚之メインステム:寺井尚之 piano, 宮本在浩 bass, 菅一平 drums


  1. Beats Up (Tommy Flanagan)
  2. Out of the Past (Benny Golson)
  3. Mean What You Say (Thad Jones)
  4. Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk)
  5. Off Minor (Thelonious Monk)


  1. Be My Love (Nicholas Brodzsky)
  2. Come Rain or Come Shine (Harold Arlen)
  3. Love You Madly (Duke Ellington)
  4. I Want To Talk About You (Billy Eckstine)
  5. Rachel's Rondo (Tommy Flanagan)


  1. On a Misty Night (Tadd Dameron)
  2. Baubles, Bangles and Beads (Alexander Borodin)
  3. Stablemates (Benny Golson)
  4. I'm in the Mood for Love (Jimmy McHugh)
  5. Lotus Blossom (Kenny Dorham)


Encore: Lotus Blossom (Billy Strayhorn)



DSCN0895.JPG寺井尚之(p)trio "The Mainstem(宮本在浩-bass,菅一平-drums)"



  1. The Way you Look Tonight (Jerome Kern)
  2. Change Partners (Irving Brlin)
  3. 3 in 1 ( Thad Jones )
  4. Wisteria (George Mraz)
  5. How High the Moon (Morgan Lewis)


  1. Afternoon in Paris (John Lewis)
  2. Robbin's Nest ( Illinois Jacquet, Sir Charles Thompson)
  3. Azure (Duke Ellington)
  4. Don't Take Your Love from Me (Henry Nemo)
  5. Sid's Delight (Tadd Dameron)


  1. Who Cares (George Gershwin)
  2. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Richard Rodgers)
  3. Pedalin' (Ken McIntyre)
  4. Warm Valley (Duke Ellington)
  5. All Day Long (Billy Strayhorn) 

Encore: Prelude to a Kiss (Duke Ellington)






  1. I've Never Been in Love Before (Frank Loesser)
  2. All the Things You Are (Jerome Kern)
  3. Day by Day ( Axel Stordahl and Paul Weston)
  4. Star Dust (Hoagy Carmichael)
  5. Night and Day (Cole Porter)


  1. Tea for Two (Vincent Youmans)
  2. Just Squeeze Me (Duke Ellington)
  3. Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard)
  4. All the Way (Jimmy Van Heusen)
  5. Just One of Those Things(Cole Porter)


  1. The Lady Is a Tramp (Richard Rodgers
  2. Harlem Nocturne (Earle Hagen and Dick Rogers)
  3. Don't Get Around Anymore (Duke Ellington)
  4. Misty (Erroll Garner)
  5. Caravan (Juan Tizol, Duke Ellington)


Encore: ピアノによる名歌手の声帯模写~As Time Goes By (Herman Hupfeld)




4/30 (月)寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室
5/1 (火)寺井尚之+坂田慶治(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen
5/2 (水)寺井尚之+今井健太(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

5/3 (木)39周年記念:アキラ・タナ(ds) with 寺井尚之(p)、宮本在浩(b) 前売3500、当日4000
5/4 (金)39周年記念:The Mainstemスタンダード・ライヴ Live Charge 2500yen
5/5 (土) 39周年記念:中井幸一(tb) Quintet Plays J.J.johnson with 中務敦彦(ts)、寺井尚之(p)、倉橋幸久(b)、菅一平(ds) Live Charge 3000yen

LIVE 演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)



1.Tenderly (Walter Gross)

2. April in Paris (Vernon Duke)

3. The Last Time I Saw Paris (Jerome Kern)

4. It Might as Well Be Spring (Richard Rodgers)

5.Bouncing with Bud (Bud Powell)


  1. Just in Time (Jule Styne) 

  2. So in Love (Cole Porter)

  3. Let's Fall in Love (Harold Arlen)

  4. For Heaven's Sake (Elise Bretton, Sherman Edwards, Don Meyer)

  5. Lover (Richard Rodgers)



  1. Strollin' (Horace Silver)

  2. Grand Street (Sonny Rollins)

  3. Strode Rode (Sonny Rollins)

  4. Spring Is Here (Richard Rodgers)

  5. Project "S" (Jimmy Heath)

 Encore: Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Tommy Wolf)

 春の雰囲気に溢れるプログラムの中に、ビリー・ホリディに因んだ"Easy Living"が一層鮮やかに響きました。



1. Suddenly, It's Spring (Jimmy Van Heusen)

2. Passion Spring (Kenny Dorham)

3. Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham)

4. Some Other Spring (Irene Kitchings)

5. I'll Remember April (Gene de Paul)


  1.   Cabin in the Sky (Vernon Duke)

  2. One Foot in the Gutter (Clark Terry)

  3. Good Bait (Tadd Dameron)

  4. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing (Billy Strayhorn)

  5. Fine and Dandy (Kay Swift)



  1. The Tadd Walk (Tadd Dameron)

  2. So Beats My Heart For You (Pat Ballard)

  3. Jump for Joy (Duke Ellington)

  4. Easy Living (Ralph Rainger)

  5. Woody'n You (Dizzy Gillespie) 

Encore: I'll Be seeing You (Sammy Fain)




3/27(火) 寺井尚之+佐藤洸(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500

3/28(水)寺井尚之+倉橋幸久(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500


3/30(金)荒崎英一郎(ts) with寺井尚之+今井健太(b): Live Charge 1800

3/31 (土) 寺井尚之(p)trio "The Mainstem(宮本在浩-bass,菅一平-drums)" Live Charge 2500


*LIVE 演奏時間:7pm-/8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)





1. Beats Up (Tommy Flanagan)

2. Ugly Beauty (Thelonious Monk)

3. For Minors Only (Jimmy Heath)

4. Sunset and the Mocking Bird (Duke Ellington)

5.Off Minor (Thelonious Monk)


1. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Franz Lehar)

2. I Fall in Love Too Easily (Jule Styne)

3.  Love You Madly (Duke Ellington)

4.  I Didn't Know About You (Duke Ellington)

5.   Medley: Embraceable You (George Gershwin) - Quasimodo (Charlie Parker)


1.  They Say It's Spring (Bob Haymes)

2.  A Sleepin' Bee (Harold Arlen)

3.   Mean What You Say (Thad Jones)

4.  Passion Flower (Duke Ellington)

5. Our Delight (Tadd Dameron)

Encore: With Malice Towards None (Tom McIntosh)


寺井尚之(p)トリオThe Mainstem




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