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  1. Muffin (Ron Carter)
  2. Reets Neet (Phil Woods )
  3. One for the Woofer (Billy Taylor)
  4. Milano (John Lewis)
  5. Fine & Dandy (Kay Swift)


  1. As Long As I Live (Harold Arlen)
  2. East of the Sun (Brooks Bowman)
  3. Green Wine (Benny Carter)
  4. Isn't It Romantic? (Richard Rodgers)
  5. How High the Moon (Morgan Lewis)



  1. Almost Like Being in Love (Frederick Loewe)
  2. Too Marvelous for Words (Richard Whiting)
  3. Ray's Idea (Ray Brown)
  4. Maybe September (Percy Faith)
  5. Eclypso (Tommy Flanagan)


Encore: Prelude to a Kiss (Duke Ellington)




9/10 (月)寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室

9/11 (火)寺井尚之+倉橋幸久(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

9/12 (水)寺井尚之+宮本在浩 (b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

9/13 (木) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室

9/14 (金)荒崎英一郎 (g) トリオ with 寺井尚之(p)+今井健太(b) Live Charge 1800yen

9/15 (土) 寺井尚之(p)trio "The Mainstem(宮本在浩-bass,菅一平-drums)"   Live Charge 2500yen


 LIVE 演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)




  1. The Way You Look Tonight (Jerome Kern)
  2. You're My Everything (Harry Warren )
  3. For Minors Only (Jimmy Heath)
  4. Mona's Mood (Jimmy Heath)
  5. Well, You Needn't (Thelonious Monk)


  1. On a Slow Boat to China (Frank Loesser)
  2. Summer in Central Park (Horace Silver)
  3. Dacquiri (Joe Newman)
  4. All the Way (Jimmy Van Heusen)
  5. Mediterranean Seascape (Sir Roland Hanna)



  1. Syeeda's Song Flute (John Coltrane)
  2. Central Park West (John Coltrane)
  3. Webb City (Bud Powell)
  4. That Old Devil Called Love (Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher)
  5. Tin Tin Deo (Chano Pozo, Gill Fuller, Dizzy Gillespie)


Encore: Try a Little Tenderness (Harry Woods)



20180825_212732502.jpg この夏最後のThe Mainstemライヴ、今夜は夏休みらしく高校生くんの初ライヴ鑑賞も!


8/20 (月) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室

8/21(火) 寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

8/22(水)寺井尚之+今井健太(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

8/23(木) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室

8/24(金)岩田江(ts)トリオ with 寺井尚之(p)+今井健太(b) : Live Charge 1800yen

8/25(土) 寺井尚之メインステム(宮本在浩 bass 菅一平 drums): Live Charge 2500yen

8/26(日)寺井尚之ジャズピアノ教室発表会 12:00- 一般見学料2,000

  演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)ただし(土)講座は6:30pm- 受講料2500yen

 寺井尚之メインステム(宮本在浩 bass 菅一平 drums) 

〈地中海の情景〉や〈A Sassy Samba〉...OverSeasでしか聴けない名曲が本当に素晴らしいライヴでした。


  1. Thelonious (Thelonious Monk)
  2. Two Cute (Sir Roland Hanna)
  3. Sans Souci (Gigi Gryce)
  4. Soul Trane (Tadd Dameron)
  5. Bro' Slim (Jimmy Heath)


  1. Moon and Sand (Alec Wilder)
  2. How Deep Is the Ocean (Irving Berlin)
  3. High Seas (Kenny Dorham)
  4. My Ship (Kurt Weill)
  5. Mediterranean Seascape (Sir Roland Hanna)



  1. Summer Serenade (Benny Carter)~Just in Time (Jule Styne)
  2. Misterioso (Thelonious Monk)
  3. Stablemates (Benny Golson)
  4. Pannonica (Thelonious Monk)
  5. A Sassy Samba (Jimmy Heath)


Encore: God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday)




8/14(火)寺井尚之+倉橋幸久(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen
8/15(水)寺井尚之+宮本在浩 (b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen
8/16(木) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室
8/17(金)末宗俊郎(g) トリオ with 寺井尚之(p)、坂田慶治(b)  Live Charge 1800yen
8/18 (土)寺井尚之(p)trio "The Mainstem(宮本在浩-bass,菅一平-drums)": Live Charge 2500yen
LIVE 演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)


演奏:寺井尚之メインステム(宮本在浩 bass 菅一平 drums)


  1. 50-21 (Thad Jones)
  2. Hassan's Dream (Benny Golson)
  3. Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk)
  4. Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk)
  5. Minor Mishap (Tommy Flanagan)


  1. Out of This World (Harold Arlen)
  2. My Shining Hour (Harold Arlen)
  3. Elora (J.J.Johnson)
  4. Last Night When We Were Young (Harold Arlen)
  5. Mediterranean Seascape (Sir Roland Hanna)



  1. The Tadd Walk (Tadd Dameron)
  2. Laverne Walk (Oscar Pettiford)
  3. Nica's Tempo (Gigi Gryce)
  4. If You Were Mine ( Matty Malneck )
  5. Our Delight(Tadd Dameron)


Encore: Star-Crossed Lovers (Billy Strayhorn)



 演奏:The Mainstem:寺井尚之-piano, 宮本在浩-bass,菅一平-drums)

 メインステムの〈Mediterranean Seascape (地中海の情景)〉が始まると、OverSeasが潮の香りに包まれてクルーズ気分。

 七夕の悲恋を思わせる〈Star-Crossed Lovers〉や、ビリー・ホリディの〈Don't Explain〉...このトリオならではの、暑い夏のピアノ・ジャズ、アンコールの〈Over the Rainbow〉は、フラナガン流のキーの選びで、くっきり大きな虹が見えました。



  1. Bitty Ditty (Thad Jones)
  2. A Blue Time (Tadd Dameron )
  3. In Walked Bud (Thelonious Monk)
  4. I'll Keep Loving You (Bud Powell)
  5. Bouncing with Bud (Bud Powell)


  1. Like Someone in Love (Jimmy Van Heusen)
  2. Our Love Is Here to Stay (George Gershwin)
  3. I Could Write a Book (Richard Rodgers)
  4. Don't Explain (Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog Jr.)
  5. Mediterranean Seascape (Sir Roland Hanna)



  1. U.M.M.G (Billy Strayhorn)
  2. Serenity (Jo Henderson)
  3. I Got It Bad (Duke Ellington)
  4. Star-Crossed Lovers (Billy Strayhorn)
  5. Caravan (Joan Tizol, Duke Ellington)


Encore: Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen)




  1. A New Thing (Slide Hmpton)
  2. Quetude (Thad Jones)
  3. Monk's Dream (Thelonious Monk)
  4. Reflections (Thelonious Monk)
  5. All God's Children (Bronislaw Kaper)


  1. What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter)
  2. Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton)
  3. Star Eyes (Gene DePaul)
  4. I Cover the Waterfront (Johnny Green)
  5. Cup Bearers (Tom McIntosh)



  1. The Scene Is Clean (Tadd Dameron)
  2. Smooth As the Wind (Tadd Dameron)
  3. Strictly Confidential (Bud Powell)
  4. Lotus Blossom (Billy Strayhorn)
  5. Raincheck (Billy Strayhorn)


Encore: I Want To Talk About You (Billy Eckstein)



寺井尚之(p)トリオThe Mainstem




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