NEWS :秋のトリビュートは11/28に

tribute _27th-2015.jpg 恒例!秋のトミー・フラナガン・トリビュート・コンサートは11月28日(土)に開催決定!

The Mainstemが在りし日のフラナガンの名演目をお聴かせします。


11/28(土) 7pm- /8:30pm- (入替なし)
前売りチケット3000yen /当日3500yen



9/28(月) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室
9/29(火)寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen
9/30(水)寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen
10/1(木) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室
10/2(金)寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen
10/3 (土)「楽しいジャズ講座」ミルト・ジャクソン(vib) Live Charge 2000yen

LIVE 演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)




1. Tenderly (Walter Gross)
2. I Wished on the Moon ( Ralph Rainger)
3. Star Eyes (Gene DePaul)
4. We Kiss in the Shadow (Richard Rodgers)
5. Eclypso (Tommy Flanagan)


1. How High the Monn (Morgan Lewis)
2. East of the Sun, West of the Moon (Brooks Bowman)
3. It’s Only a Paper Moon (Harold Arlen)
4. Moonlight Becomes You (Jimmy Van Heusen)
5. Old Devil Moon (Burton Lane)


1. Misterioso (Thelonious)
2. Moon Ray ( Artie Shaw)
3. Webb City (Bud Powell)
4. You Are Too Beautiful (Richard Rodgers)
5. Scrapple from the Apple (Charlie Parker)

Encore: Maybe September (Percy Faith)



11215797_1046230945400641_8570506111097275646_n.jpg明日は寺井尚之メインステム(宮本在浩 bass 菅一平 drums)
9/26 (土) Live Charge 2500yen 
演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)

岩田江(as)トリオ 今夜の曲目


1.It’s You or No One
2. When the Red,Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along
3. Ray’s Idea
4. If I Had You
5. Variation on a Blues by Bird


1. You Stepped Out of Dreams
2. Nostalgia
3. Dewey Square
4. ヴァーモントの月
5. Delauney’s Dilemma


1. Quasimodo
2. East of the Sun
3. 粋な噂を立てられて
4. Laura
5. After You’ve Gone

Encore: Stella by Starlight

Silver Week明け LIVE案内

9/25 Fri. 岩田江(as)トリオ:寺井尚之(p)、宮本在浩(b) Live Charge 1800yen

9/26 Sat. 寺井尚之メインステム 宮本在浩(b)+菅一平(ds) Live Charge 2500yen
 メインステム、中秋の名月の前夜、ジャズの名月をずらりと並べておきかせします!乞うご期待!演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)




1.I’ve Never Been in Love Before ( Frank Loesser)
2. All the Things yyou Are (Jerome Kern)
3.What Am I Here For(Duke Ellington))
4. My One and Only Love (Guy Wood )  
5. Lover (Richard Rodgers)

1. There Will Never Be Another You (Harry Warren)
2. Just Squeeze Me (Duke Ellington)
3. I Love You (Cole Porter)
4. Body and Soul (Johnny Green)
5. Just One of Those Things (Cole Porter)

1. Tea For Two (Vincent Youmans )
2. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Duke Ellington)
3. Perdido (Duke Ellington)
4. You Don’t What Love Is ( Gene de Paul)
5. Caravan (Duke Ellington)

 Encore: Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen )

9/20 (日) Bravo! 岩田江(as)+メインステム 今夜の曲目



1.People Say We’re in Love (Richard Rodgers)
2. Nostalgia (Fats Navarro)
3.Tricrotism (Oscar Pettiford)
4. My Old Flame (Sam Coslow, Arthur Johnston 
5. Delauney’s Dilemma (John Lewis)

1. All of You (Cole Porter)
2. Tour De Force (Dizzy Gillespie)
3. Quasimodo (Charlie Parker)
4. If You Could See Me Now (Tadd Dameron)
5. After You’ve Gone (Turner Layton)

1. Ray’s Idea (Ray Brown)
2. When the Red,Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along (Harry Woods)
3. Drifting on a Road aka Big Foot (Charlie Parker)
4. Laura (David Raksin)
5. Woddy’n You (Dizzy Gillespie)

 Encore: Just Friends ( John Klenner )

9/19(土)メインステム 今夜の曲目



1.Thelonious (Thelonious Monk)
2. Ugly Beauty (Thelonious Monk)
3. I Want to Be Happy (Vincent Youmans)
4. Good Morning Hearache ( Irene Higginbotham)
5. Minor Mishap (Tommy Flanagan)


1. Just In Time (Jule Styne)
2. Green Wine (Benny Carter)
3. 46th and 8th (Waymon Reed)
4. They Say It’s Wonderful (Irving Berlin)
5. Rachel’s Rondo (Tommy Flanagan)


1. Strollin’ (Horace Silver)
2. Grand Street (Sonny Rollins)
3. Strode Rode (Sonny Rollins)
4. Maybe September (Percy Faith)
5. Black & Tan Fantasy (Duke Ellington)

Encore: With Malice Towards None (Tom McIntosh)