The Mainstem 今夜の曲目


<1st Set>

1. Bitty Ditty (Thad Jomes)
2. Out of the Past (Benny Golson)
3. Strictly Confidential (Bud Powell)
4. Dalarna (Tommy Flanagan)
5. Minor Mishap  (Tommy Flanagan)

<2nd Set>

1. Star Eyes (Gene DePaul)
2. Quietude  (Thad Jomes)
3. Rachel’s Rondo  (Tommy Flanagan)
4. Passion Flower (Billy Strayhorn)
5. Medley: Embraceable You (George Girshwin) – Quasimodo (Charlie Parker)

<3rd Set>

1. That Tired Routine Called Love (Matt Dennis)
2. Smooth As the Wind (Tadd Dameron)
3. Stablemates (Benny Golson)
4. That Old Devil Called Love (Allan Roberts, Doris Fisher)
5. Tin Tin Deo (Chano Pozo, Gill Fuller, Dizzy Gillespie)

Encore: Autumn in NewYork (Vernon Duke)

今週のご案内:The Mainstemは(土)に!



10/27(火) 寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

10/28(水)寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

10/29(木) 寺井尚之ジャズピアノ&理論教室

10/20(金)寺井尚之+宮本在浩(b)デュオ: Live Charge 1500yen

10/31 (土) 寺井尚之メインステム(宮本在浩 bass 菅一平 drums): Live Charge 2500yen

演奏時間:7pm-/ 8pm- / 9pm- (入れ替えはありません)