7/25 Special Selection: 今夜の曲目

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OverSeas Special Selection 寺井尚之(p)+宮本在浩(b)

<1st Set>

  1. 50-21 (Thad Jones)
  2. Slipped Again (Thad Jones)
  3. Strictly Confidential (Bud Powell)
  4. Good Morning Heartache (Irene Higginbotham)
  5. Minor Mishap (Tommy Flanagan)


<2nd Set>

  1. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Franz Lehár )
  2. So Beats My Heart for You (Charles Henderson)
  3. Repetition (Neil Hefty)
  4. I’m in the Mood for Love (Jimmy McHugh)
  5. I Love the Rhythm in a Riff (Billy Eckstine)


<3rd Set>

  1. Strode Rode (Sonny Rollins)
  2. Grand Street (Sonny Rollins)
  3. Webb City (Bud Powell)
  4. You Better Go Now (Irvin Graham)
  5. Tin Tin Deo (Chano Pozo, Gill Fuller, Dizzy Gillespie)


  1. Encore: Star-Crossed Lovers (Billy Strayhorn)



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