Bravo! エコーズ・リユニオン


 ECHOES REUNION: Hisayuki Terai-piano, Kazuhiro Sumi-bass

1st Set

1. Too Marvelous for Words(Richard Whiting)

2. Mean What You Say (Thad Jones)

3. This Time It’s Real (Sir Roland Hanna)

4. Picturesque(George Mraz)

 2nd Set

1. On a Misty Night(Tadd Dameron)

2. Enigma(Sir Roland Hanna)

3. I Wants to Stay Here(George Gershwin)

4. For the Kat Man(Walter Norris)

3rd Set

1. In a Mellow Tone(Duke Ellington)

2. Summertime(George Gershwin)

3. Time for the Dancers (Sir Roland Hanna)

4. Denzil’s Best(Denzil Best)

Encore: For a Cool Cat(Walter Norris)


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