12/24 SS デュオ:今夜の曲目



 アンコールはお待ちかね!トミー・フラナガン直伝の〈White Christmas〉で皆笑顔に!

1st Set
  1. Out of This World (Harold Arlen)
  2. Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton)
  3. For Minors Only (Jimmy Heath)
  4. Mona’s Mood (Jimmy Heath)
  5. Bluish Grey (Thad Jones)
  6. Warm Valley (Duke Ellington)
  7. Bouncing with Bud (Bud Powell)
2nd Set
  1. Thadrack (Thad Jones)
  2. One Foot in the Gutter (Clark Terry)
  3. Ray’s Idea (Ray Brown)
  4. Ask Me Now (Thelonious Monk)
  5. Stablemates (Benny Golson)
  6. Violets for Your Furs (Matt Dennis)
  7. Woody’n You (Dizzy Gillespie )

Encore: White Christmas (Irving Berlin)


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